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HireStream is a first of it’s kind innovative workforce solutions provider in the Middle East. Recognizing that globally organizations are no longer dependent on traditional methods like CV review to identify top talent, we have tied up with leading global talent assessment provider Talegent to leverage the best in next-generation technology to streamline the hiring process.

Our Key Workforce Solutions:

Employers today are reluctant to post fresh graduate jobs on traditional job sites, as it can result in thousands of applications. This makes selection of the right candidate only through CV review and interview time consuming, costly and ineffective. Globally graduate recruitment is differentiated from experienced hiring as the number of applicants to job ratio is very different for both. Graduate recruiters utilize more efficient and reliable methods.

We have tied up with leading global assessment provider Talegent to bring you our streamlined local graduate recruitment process. With Middle East's First Dedicated Graduate Recruitment Portal, we support you to consistently identify top local graduates. Final year students and graduates with less than 3 years of experience regularly register on our graduate portal online or during our graduate recruitment drives carried out at leading universities in the country.

In our graduate recruitment database, for each graduate we provide employers with the following:

  Access Comprehensive CV:

All graduates complete a standardized CV template, which enables easy comparison of graduate details.

  View Cognitive Ability and Personality Test Scores:

All graduates complete Talegent's graduate screening assessment. Combining world-class research with locally validated graduate competency sets, the psychometric assessment scores are unmatched for accurately predicting performance and cultural fit for a given role.

The scores can be used to quickly and efficiently rank and shortlist top local graduate candidates. The assessment measures two cognitive and two personality competencies which have been selected based on research to determine the most important characteristics for graduate success. These are:

  Verbal Reasoning

The ability to make well-reasoned decisions on the basis of written information.

  Numerical Reasoning

The ability to make well-reasoned decisions on the basis of numerical information.

  Drive for Results

The tendency to be motivated by challenging goals and to strive to achieve success in the workplace.

  Social Drive

The tendency to enjoy interacting with others and to build relationships with ease.

  View Video Interviews:

The initial conversation can tell you a lot about a candidate from their language proficiency, to their communication skills, to their basic demeanor. Face to face interview is effective in selecting the right candidates, but it also takes up a lot of your time and effort, only to realize that just a handful pass the next phase.

Talegent’s interactive video interview screening offers a better way. The graduate answers a predefined set of interview questions. Both the test reports and the video interview are integrated into a stacked rank results that employers can view. That will save an incredible amount of time in the local graduate recruiting process and help you consistently identify the best candidates.

  Schedule and Conduct Interviews:

After you have shortlisted the candidates, in one easy step you can contact and propose two suitable interview time slots for each candidate. We can also support you to re-administer the assessment test on your premises.

  Acknowledge Candidates:

With our streamlined graduate recruitment process, we have greatly reduced the number of candidates you need to interview. But it is still important to acknowledge all candidates who attended the interview to provide a positive candidate experience and protect your brand. Our system provides you automated email acknowledgements based on your hiring decision.

Hence we provide you with end to end support for all your local graduate recruitment needs.

Request Graduate Shortlist

If you are too busy to search and shortlist candidates, you can submit your graduate recruitment needs on our portal. We will shortlist top local graduates to fit your job role.

We have successfully removed the uncertainty from local graduate recruitment. Ensuring you get only the best local graduates at reduced cost and time to hire.

Streamline Recruitment and Employee Development

We offer employers in the Middle East, Talegent’s leading Talent Measurement Solutions for Pre-employment Screening and Employee Development. We offer personality test, cognitive ability test and skills test solutions to provide you with accurate predictions of job performance, faster, more efficiently and at less cost with a more engaging candidate experience.

Find better people faster
Accurately identify top-performing talent plus reduce recruitment time & cost.

Boost Business results
Achieve measurable increases in staff performance, productivity & retention.

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